Season 1, Episode 13

Azlan Tariq

Hosts & Guests: Jana Rieger & Azlan Tariq

Episode Guest

Dr. Azlan Tariq D.O. FAAPMR is a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist (Physiatrist). Upon completion of his medical education Dr. Tariq completed 5 additional years of training. This included 3 years in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital/Northwestern Medicine. He then went on to University of Wisconsin, Madison and completed additional specialized training in Pain and Musculoskeletal Medicine.

Dr. Tariq specializes in Non-surgical orthopedics, Stroke Rehab, Traumatic Brain Injury Rehab, Spine pain, Balance/gait problems and Musculoskeletal Medicine. He has lectured at various conferences around the country. He is the Chief Clinical Officer of IRC- Integrated Rehab Consultants, the largest Physiatry group in the country. Additionally he has an outpatient sports medicine clinic and is very involved with cutting edge technology in the healthcare space.