Season 1, Episode 7

Dr. Glen Sumner

Hosts & Guests: Jana Rieger & Dr. Glen Sumner

Welcoming and Integrating New and Innovative Technologies into your Healthcare Practice with Dr. Glen Sumner.

Dr. Jana Rieger sits down with Dr. Glen Sumner, Cardiologist & Health Policy expert from Calgary, Alberta. In this episode you’ll hear all about exploring the process of bringing innovative products like Mobili-T into your practice, the importance of collecting data from remote monitoring devices, and reported patient outcomes. In addition to this, Dr. Sumner gives us his ideas, lessons and takeaways from his experience living through the ongoing pandemic as they relate to health policy.

Episode Guest

Dr. Glen Sumner is an accomplished doctor, educator, and research scientist, working in urban and rural communities for over 30 years. Dr. Sumner has vast expertise, particularly in Cardiology, electrophysiology, and Health Policy. However, his expertise extends to health policy and health economics that are directed towards remote monitoring, virtual care, patient-reported outcome measures in device and arrhythmia patients, and health care financing including the alignment of payment incentives for physicians and hospitals. Currently, Dr. Sumner resides in Calgary, Alberta where he continues his research work with the Libin Cardiovascular Institute in association with the University of Calgary and Alberta Health Services. Click here for more on Dr. Glen Sumner.