Season 2, Episode 19

Dr. Matt Wilkes

Hosts & Guests: Jana Rieger & Dr. Matt Wilkes

Episode Guest

Director of Clinical Affairs
Current Health Ltd.

Visiting Senior Lecturer and Independent Medical Officer

Extreme Environments Research Group University of Portsmouth

Deputy Director
International Diploma in Expedition and Wilderness Medicine Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow

I am a doctor living in the Scottish Highlands, specialising in digital health and remote care, wearable technology, and human performance in extreme environments. My background is in anaesthesia and critical care, but I now divide my time between industry, research and clinical medicine.

At Current Health, I focus on the development, clinical implementation and evaluation of our remote monitoring platform in health systems and clinical trials in the US and UK.

At the Extreme Environments Laboratory, my work is geared towards making air and mountain sports safer and more enjoyable. My MSc investigated cerebral altitude illness and my PhD focussed on physiology, behaviour and ergonomics in pilot safety. The work was awarded the ASMA International Aerospace Medicine Scholarship and the RAeS GP Olley Research Award in Aviation Medicine.

I have been the doctor on several large international expeditions, practiced anaesthesia in New Zealand and Nepal, and flown throughout East Africa with the AMREF Flying Doctor Service. In 2017, I spent the post-monsoon season as a volunteer physician in the Khumbu region of Nepal.

I am the Founding Director of Adventure Medic magazine, a Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine and of the Royal Geographical Society.