Season 2, Episode 22

Dr. Raihan Faroqui

Hosts & Guests: Jana Rieger & Dr. Raihan Faroqui

Episode Guest

Dr. Raihan Faroqui is an internal medicine physician and clinical neurology researcher turned repeat healthtech operator, advisor, and consultant at numerous venture capital-backed Seed + Series A startups across SaaS and tech-enabled services that raised a combined $45M+ in funding. He is also a mentor with the Techstars LA healthcare accelerator program and an advisor with Redesign Health. He currently serves as Head of Medical and Clinical Affairs at Guaranteed Health, a $9.25M VC-backed seed-stage startup in the tech-enabled and health equity forward in-home hospice care delivery space modernizing the end of life experience. He previously worked at Series A healthtech startups Perry Health and Biotia in diabetes RPM and infectious disease diagnostics, respectively. He has an expertise in B2B SaaS into providers, B2B2C services into payors oremployers, virtual and at-home care, remote monitoring, mental health, women’s health, specialty care, senior and aging tech, caregiver support, AI-powered clinical workflows, digital health infrastructure from EMR to RCM, and health equity implementation. He also manages a digital health boutique advisory firm called Connectify Health where he serves as a fractional Chief Medical Officer. He has worked with 25+ startup clients offering fundraising strategy and investor access, talent recruitment, research and clinical evidence generation, sales strategy and provider/payor access, product development and vendor selection strategy, and other 0 – 1 services getting founders to PMF.