Season 1, Episode 11

Liz Barlow

Hosts & Guests: Jana Rieger & Liz Barlow

Episode Guest

Liz is a Certified Rehab Registered Nurse who has worked in the SNF Industry for over 28 years, with more than 22 of those years working with therapy contract services. She has worked a variety of roles including Case Manager, Marketing, Senior Director of Quality and VP of Clinical Services. Her passion is education and she has spent a large part of her career educating and training other health care professionals. She has spoken at multiple National and State Association conferences.

Liz graduated from Western Kentucky University with an Associate’s degree and Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Liz currently serves as VP of Marketing for Synchrony Health Services where she is responsible for the overall marketing brand of Synchrony Health Services which includes Synchrony Rehab, Synchrony Pharmacy, Synchrony Lab and SynchronyRx@HOME.

Liz currently serves on the AAPACN Board of Directors and the Expert Advisory Panel. (American Association of Post-Acute Care Nursing).