Season 1, Episode 1

Loreen Wales

Hosts & Guests: Jana Rieger & Loreen Wales

More than ever, everyone is aware of just how important maintaining a healthy lifestyle is, especially during a pandemic – but we all know it’s not that simple and we’re left wondering “How do I do that?”. In this episode, hear about Loreen Wales’ passionate and energetic approach to achieving a healthy lifestyle through three essential pillars: mind, nutrition and fitness.

Helping Patients take back their Health through the Pillars of Mind, Nutrition and Fitness with Loreen Wales.

Ever had a ‘difficult’ patient? One step further, have you ever had a patient really tell you off? For this week’s guest, Loreen Wales, it was this kind of encounter that was the catalyst for introducing a new way to understand the patient journey. Now, Loreen is a leader in implementing augmented reality and machine learning to help us in building intrinsic motivation, which is essential for sustainable behaviour change. Join us this week as  Dr. Jana Rieger has a conversation with Loreen Wales, CEO of MyViva, to discuss how leveraging Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) strategies to engage users in self-care can help build self-efficacy for managing health conditions such as mental health, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other comorbidities.

Meet Loreen

Loreen Wales is an entrepreneur and trained dietitian who believes that the key to living a long, meaningful life is: a healthy lifestyle. Ms. Wales has worked for 10 years in the university health system where she leveraged her knowledge of different lifestyles to develop ‘MyViva’. MyViva is a digital health program that engages people through cognitive behavioural science in their own care so they can manage their own health journeys. Loreen is committed to making a lasting difference in each life she embraces through her work. Click here to view Loreen’s LinkedIn profile, and click here to learn more about MyViva