Season 1, Episode 6

Nicole Bendaly

Hosts & Guests: Jana Rieger & Nicole Bendaly

Dr. Jana Rieger speaks with Nicole Bendaly, the Executive Director of Waterstone Culture Institute to discuss elements that contribute to high-performance cultures and high-performance teams within healthcare.


In this podcast, Bendaly and Reiger discuss the building blocks of leadership including people skills, the importance of valuing and trusting each other as a team, and other key elements that contribute to learning and growing as a leader within healthcare.  Furthermore, the author and culture enthusiast shares insights on hierarchical role-based leadership and how it is becoming less desired by millennial employees joining the industry. If you’re interested in learning how to build a team climate that enables your employees to learn and grow while elevating the overall culture and leadership opportunity within your organization or team, this episode is for you!

Episode Guest

Helping people thrive throughout the day and struggling a whole lot less 

For over 20 years, Nicole has been helping organizations engage, retain and attract top talent by building a high-performance culture that takes the organization and its people to new heights.As a high performer herself, Bendaly is the Executive Director of the Watersonte Culture Institute, has a podcast herself and is a celebrated author.