Season 2, Episode 15

Nicole Dona

Hosts & Guests: Jana Rieger & Nicole Dona

Episode Guest

Nicole Dona is the Founder and CEO of Hope + Equity Without Borders, an NGO operating out of Silicon Valley, which provides inclusive and educational social and economic development programs for children and youth in Latin America. Currently, Nicole is building computer labs and partnering with Cisco Academy to bring networking technology education to youth in Chiriqui, Panama and in Canta, Peru. Hope + Equity Without Borders, is projected to impact over 1500 students in Latin America in the first two years of existence with Nicole’s leadership. Nicole is also exploring partnerships with universities to provide agricultural technology and health education. Prior to founding Hope + Equity Without Borders, Nicole was recognized by the San Francisco City and County Board of Supervisors as an innovative leader and adviser to City and County Departments in developing public programs and initiatives, with over 10 years of experience trailblazing strategic partnerships and projects between public education and private sectors to increase efficiency and scale social impact.