Season 1, Episode 5

Dr. Nigel Brockton

Hosts & Guests: Jana Rieger & Nigel Brockton

Diving into living well, lifestyle choices, and not letting perfectionism get in the way of good in cancer prevention with Dr. Nigel Brockton.

It’s a well-known fact that healthy habits prevent cancer and anything that helps you keep that up, whether it’s wearable technology, a positive attitude, attention to mental health or good diet choices, is always in your best interest. Everyone is only human, though, and every now and then we indulge. When it comes to your health, overindulgence can negatively impact your health, but so can perfectionism. In this episode, Dr Nigel Brockton, a two-time young adult cancer survivor, athlete, and Vice President of Research of the American Institute for Cancer Research, joins Dr. Rieger to explore these topics. Hear a candid conversation about how Dr. Brockton’s first-hand experience with living well and letting go of the inner perfectionist helped him in his cancer journey.

“You won’t drop dead from eating a hot dog once in a while at a football game, but we have control over whether we get cancer through our lifestyle choices.” In this episode, Dr. Nigel Brockton shares insights on living well, balanced lifestyles, and the importance of letting go of perfection.

Episode Guest

Dr. Nigel Brockton is a renowned cancer survivor, research advocate, fundraiser, and researcher, with a Ph.D. in the genetic epidemiology of colorectal cancer risk from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. As a two-time cancer survivor, Dr. Nigel Brockton has experienced firsthand the hardships that come with the disease, affording him a deeper sense of understanding and empathy of the disease and those who are impacted by it. Dr. Nigel Brockton has proven his resiliency and determination in fighting cancer. To date, he has raised more than $2.5 million with the One Aim Team in the Ride to Conquer Cancer for the Alberta Cancer Foundation. Currently, he is the Vice President of Research with the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) – a global authority on diet/lifestyle and cancer as well as an adjunct professor of Molecular Cancer Epidemiology.  Click here to learn more about Dr. Nigel Brockton and click here to learn more about the AICR.