Season 1, Episode 2

Steven Csorba

Hosts & Guests: Jana Rieger & Steven Csorba

Wellness plays a part in our lives on many levels. It can be physical, mental, and even spiritual. In this episode, Dr. Jana Rieger hears from Steven Csorba – entrepreneur and cancer survivor – about how he inspires and empowers others to achieve wellness on all three levels.

From Losing his Mother to Surviving Cancer Himself: Steven Csorba’s Journey with Cancer and Empowering Others to Achieve Wellness Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.

In this episode, we hear from Steven Csorba and his incredible journey of cancer and the influence it has played in his life. Steven opens up about the tragic loss of his mother from brain cancer when he was 16 and she was 37, to later on being diagnosed with head and neck cancer himself at the age of 38. Hear about how Steven’s experience with cancer became the catalyst for what became his life’s mission: to help others by teaching them how they can achieve wellness. From his experience with cancer, as well as his work as a former brand strategist to his work as an artist, community builder, wellness advocate, Steven tells all about his approach to achieving wellness through physical, mental and spiritual health. There is no doubt that Steven’s story will inspire listeners and help them understand why he has never wanted to be remembered as a cancer survivor and how he has been inspired to leave a far greater legacy.

Episode Guest

Steven Csorba is an artist, community builder and wellness advocate. Prior to Steven Scorba battling cancer, he was an award-winning brand communication strategist. In 2003, Steven Csorba started to challenge the conventional approaches to cancer survivorship, which later led to the development of Pepy. Pepy is a coaching system built on the belief that wellness is based on spirituality, social and physical aspects of your life.  Steven Csorba has applied this to kids all over Canada to focus on their mental health and wellness, seeing wonderful successes. Click here to learn more about Steven and here to learn more about Pepy.