Season 1, Episode 12

Vince Danielsen

Hosts & Guests: Jana Rieger & Vince Danielsen

Episode Guest

I am passionate about bringing an understanding of innovative healthcare models to the Canadian healthcare system. As the President & CEO of Wello, the first virtual telemedicine services in Canada working with nurse practitioners to offer healthcare for employees and their families, I am a true supporter of the “care, anywhere” model. Wello brings nurse practitioners to patients through video, phone & secure messaging to help them get well and keep well 24/7, 365 days a year.


I have a personal understanding of the difference that good care can make for someone. After a hard-won battle with cancer as a teenager, I went on to spend eight years in the Canadian Football League, as a Calgary Stampeder receiver, winning Grey Cup Championships in 1998 and 2001.

After my career in the Stampeders, I took my focus and determination into becoming a healthcare entrepreneur – to bring the value of care I received as a teenage cancer patient to fitness, medical, corporate health, aesthetics and rehabilitation services in Canada and the United States.

20 years later, I am dedicated to delivering new models of innovation to healthcare. I’ve also been fortunate enough to meet incredible thought leaders along the way, as evidenced in my training at Harvard Business School’s “Owner, President, Management” program.

Wello is backed by INLIV, a 40-year healthcare company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta that aims to inspire amazing lives through its premium and integrated medical and health services. I am proud to be running companies that are changing the way Canadians think and feel about healthcare – all so that they can live healthier, richer lives. Follow me on Twitter @vincedanielsen and be sure to visit Wello at