Season 1, Episode 4

Will Falk

Hosts & Guests: Jana Rieger & Will Falk

Insights from 25-year healthcare strategist and advisor Will Falk on all things healthcare including digital transformation, consumerism in healthcare, and software in the home.

Dr. Jana Rieger sits down with 25-year healthcare strategist and health policy guru, Will Falk. If you’re working within or interested in healthcare systems and want to learn how things are shifting. From the virtual health landscape, health policy, and change management, to big tech, equity and consumerism in healthcare, and much more is explored. Jana and Will also delve into some of the key recommendations Mr. Falk and Health Canada developed in light of the pandemic as well as how modern-day tools like cell phones, video conferencing, fax machines, and new virtual health technologies can be used to enable care for all. We all know that the last few years we have seen a bit of a roller coaster, especially within the healthcare context so join us to learn more about where things are landing as a result of all the highs and lows.

Episode Guest

Will Falk is a celebrated leader in healthcare advisory and strategy. Throughout his celebrated career, he has led teams for CPM/CSC, Capgemini & Accenture and PwC. Since retiring he has committed his time and energy collaborating with several companies committed to improving the healthcare system through policy and digital innovations. In addition to serving as a Senior fellow at the CD Howe Institute, Executive-in-Residence at Rotman U of T, and as an Innovation Fellow at Women’s College Hospital (WIHV), he is also an avid community volunteer and healthcare advocate.